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My name is Meagan Hudak and I'm a portrait and wedding photographer living in Wheaton, Illinois, right outside Chicago. I am totally smitten with capturing love and people. 

Whether it is the way the sun is shining, an exchanged look or memorable occasion, having photos lets us cherish those otherwise fleeting moments and feelings forever. When I was a little girl, I would pull out my parents wedding album almost weekly to study every detail. I've always been mesmerized by memories. My passion for making sure people have a visual history has been reignited as my husband and I brought our first baby girl into the world this past August. We are so in love with her. The whole "Don't blink" is truer than I've ever wanted it to be and I completely relate to people wanting to try and stop time with photos, it's literally what I do, all day long, everyday.  My goal is to capture your special occasions and life stages and edit each image beautifully before delivering you a cohesive gallery, so you can go back and visit them as often as you want, to smile, remember and cherish. 

I grew up in Ohio, lived in New York City for a few years after college and moved to marry my high school sweetheart in glorious Charleston, South Carolina, where we were privileged to live for a while. We relocated to the Chicago area a few years ago and  it's been a blast meeting new people and snapping away at their beautiful smiles. I'd love to hear from YOU so I can learn more about your life and why photos are so important to you. Please head over to "inquire" and shoot me a message. Looking forward to talking soon!