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Hello and thanks so much for visiting!

My name is Meagan Hudak and I'm a photographer based in the most darling town of Wheaton, Illinois, right outside Chicago, serving the Chicago Suburbs.

My curiosity to learn about people and love for capturing the beauty in between the busy moments in life is what led me to photography. When I was a little girl, I would pull out my parents' wedding album almost weekly to study every detail. I've always been mesmerized by memories and have valued how a photo allows you to share the essence of a time, place, relationship or feeling when words fall short. My heart to freeze moments continues to beat strong as we watch our three little girls grow at the speed of light. As a mom, I know how it feels to have a zillion photos on your phone and just want a beautiful, curated collection that FEELS like your family...or heck, just some photos of your kids with YOU hugging on them, being silly or just hanging out without pajamas on (although I do love capturing families getting ready in their PJs as well). 

It's truly a joy and pleasure to capture your special life stages and edit each image beautifully before delivering a cohesive gallery to you --- one you can go back and visit as often as you want, to smile, remember and cherish. 

 I'd love to hear from YOU so I can learn more about your life and why photos are important to you. Please head over to "inquire" and send me a message. Looking forward to talking soon!